Java Error 1723

Background & Problem:

Because I have a lot of Firefox plugins installed, Firefox became pretty slow, so I had some plugins disabled, under which a plugin for running applets. Yesterday, I came on some page that required applets, but the plugin was missing, so I let the browser install it automatically. After that, I was unable to start Java. Trying to reinstall or uninstall Java, gave the error 1723.

System specs:

-Windows 7 64 bit
-JDK 6.18 32 bit

Googled Solutions:

Using Google I found some proposed solutions:

  •, doing the Regedit fix damaged the Windows Installer, and Windows Installer 5.0 (needed for Win7) cannot be download from the Microsoft site. So this solution didn’t work for me.
  • JavaRA: If you try this, don’t forget to run it under administrator. This solution didn’t work for me.
  • RegCleaning by using for example Also didn’t work.
  • Install Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86). Didn’t work.
  • Windows Installer CleanUp Utility from the Microsoft site. Didn’t work.
  • Manually deleting JDK files. Didn’t work.

What did work for me:

On some forum (out of the many that discuss about this irritating error), I found someone that fixed it by removing all “jre” related from the registry. This did it for me 🙂 Open regedit, and search for “jre” and look for keys (directories) that contain “jre” values (fields) that are related to Java. Delete those keys.

After doing this, the JDK installer ran without problems, and without mentioning about existing installations.

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  1. hi!! I tried d option of regedit bt its not working for me…my system is 32bit, windows7 home basic…

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